Marketing Communications

It’s essential to have a clearly defined marketing communications plan in place to ensure that all stakeholders in your company understand the journey you are taking them on. Stakeholders include employees, investors, market analysts, financial analysts, the media, the public and of course your customers and prospects. 

Social Media Ecosystem - it's a lean, mean, lead generation machine

Today there are a myriad of techniques or channels that are available to reach your market, prospects and customers. There is still a place for traditional brochures, white papers, presentations and PR, but also now there are social networks, blogs, Twitter, promotional videos and video blogs as well as interactive audio podcasts. Indeed there is a whole ecosystem of "social" tools that you can use, but at the centre of it is a beautifully designed "search engine optimised" (SEO) website:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the term du jour which refers to the creation of relevant and meaningful content appropriately constructed for the audience you are trying to reach on the platform they are to be found. Not only can you create specific content for an audience any one social platform, you can also use these platforms to refer back to content you've published on your website. The Product Marketer is often the originator of content used in content marketing.

This in turn creates more traffic to your website, which helps your website's discovery by the search engine robots of search engines such as Google. In a nutshell, this makes it easier for your business to be found, which leads to more... leads. And a sales team can never have too many leads... 

I have direct and award-winning experience in the production of marketing communications content, which is even more important when taking services to market as it's this content that makes your services tangible.

I have produced over 150 interactive audio and video podcasts and have taken brands from launch to sale using tried and trusted Press and Analyst Relations. I have generated hundreds of thousands of pounds’ worth of product sales with distinctive Promotional Marketing Campaigns.

Key to this is measurability and trackability; the definition and tracking of relevant and meaning metrics to demonstrate a Return on Investment for your Marketing Communications budget.

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Does it work?


Here's an example from a project I worked on a couple of years ago for a small IT company. I overheard their telesales team actually apologising to prospects for their website, which is hardly the best start to a sales conversation!

There is an adage that says "A new Marketing Director means a new website", but in this case it was absolutely justified. We launched the new website with 100% new content, a new structure based on their new service catalogue and which breathed new life into their brand.

The joy of all this "social" marketing is that everything is trackable. There are several metrics that can be used to track success and in this instance I used "page rank". The graph below shows the progress of content-based "organic" SEO, and also include the effect of a "real word" sports sponsorship deal, which cost an awful lot more!

Effect of "organic" website growth compared to growth using traditional sponsorship techniques

Effect of "organic" website growth compared to growth using traditional sponsorship techniques

Not only did this new site generate more leads, but it also turned around the perception of the company. Remember that the telesales team were apologising for their site... here's a quote from one of their telesales team members with feedback from a new prospect:

"Just spoke to the Head of IT at (prospect name) who returned my call this morning saying he was exceptionally impressed with our website - he would like to meet with us to discuss a fair few projects coming up next year"

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