Are you the one?

Blonde hair brown eyes blonde hair blue eyes blonde hair green eyes blonde hair grey eyes - unusual - brown hair brown eyes brown hair blue eyes brown hair green eyes brown hair grey eyes, brunette, zappette, nymphette, black hair short hair auburn and long. 

Ginger hair, Ginger Rogers. Elegant. Sophisticated. Creative. Sporty tomboy. Petite. Well spoken. Nice smile. Great laugh. Intelligent. Graceful, Grace - nice name, nickname. Sexy. Sensual. Earth tones, autumn shades; she scrubs up well.

Barrister or Barista? 

Are you looking to meet someone that’s fun, loyal, honest, a very laid back character? Or do you want someone intense, serious... Which am I? 

Do you love to laugh, watch storms, the smell of cut grass; oh, and bacon sizzling in a pan? Crisp frosty mornings, mangoes, music and raspberries, the Ocean. Are you a totally, incredible, remarkable, amazing, fantastic female, that enjoys nights out dining, going to the theatre, concerts and meeting up with friends? 

Do you really like cycling, rock climbing, sailing and the great outdoors? I mean really?

Don’t say you like going for long romantic walks in the hills or by the sea (there must be crowds roaming the beaches and countryside in search of D’Arcy) and don’t say you like curling up on a sofa with a bottle of red and a DVD. It’s always a DVD, it’s always a bottle and it’s always red; but it messes with my head. 

Do you like reading in stripy pyjamas, skimming stones on the sea, pottering around doing nothing very much or staying in bed and being creative when really there are other things that need doing?

So Nina, Tina, Tana, Tara, Xara, Lucy or Jo (Jo!). Angela, Aileen, Sarah and Anne. Rebecca, Sian, Jackie (first love), Jaqui, Ally, Sophie, Jen, Pam, Lauren, Elaine, Louise, Stella, Mandy, Heather, Jill, Gill, Hermione, Holly, Hollie, Molly, Judy, Judes, Sally, Lorraine, Katherine, Kathleen, Kathy, Katie, Kate, Katy and Kat; will you pique my interest with your intellect and wit? Will you charm your way into my life and make my heart do that flippy thing hearts do? Will you make my knees go weak and make my brain stutter so all I can say is "blughshs"? Will you inspire me to great heights of creativity, fire my imagination, be a friend, mentor, lover? Will the sound of your laughter refresh my soul, will your smile make me smile, will your touch calm me? Will I delight in your presence, revel in the afterglow. Will your absence be a dull ache?

All I am saying; is give me a chance.