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Neil Fairbrother Marketing

I bring a range of skills in two main disciplines, Product Management and Marketing Communications, to companies in the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) markets.

As a Product Manager I maximise the margins and commercial success of technical innovations and developments. In the role of Marketing Communications Manager, I communicate the benefits of these technical features in the most cost effective and measurable ways to the most relevant audience possible.

Why Me?

Recognised by the Sunday Observer as one of the UK's top 10 most innovative marketers, I am entrepreneurial in my approach, a creative thinker, an inspirational leader and a motivational team player.

I am technically aware, adept at product and service management, with broad and deep experience in software, hardware and service creation and delivery. I have excellent marketing communications skills in all media: the written word, presentations, audio podcasts and video.

I Make Your Marketing Work.

Some of the awards I've won

Some of the awards I've won

Companies that I have provided services to include:

  • The SAS Institute
  • eTask
  • Eton Digital
  • Viatel
  • Exponential-e
  • PacketExchange
  • Institute of Telecoms Professionals (ITP)
  • Intec
  • S130 Ltd
  • Ocean Youth Trust
  • Silverbug


"Neil is one of the few telecom executives that gets the new digital world. He both understands the latest technologies, the telecom insides and how the telecom business needs to change to survive and thrive. We need more Neils..."

Maarten Ectors, VP for IoT Canonical/Ubuntu

"Neil's enthusiasm and energy combined with his experience and ability to think strategically make him a highly valuable asset. His work at Silverbug helped us completely redefine our market position and product proposition. His understanding of technology and his ability to translate that to a clear and compelling marketing message make him unique in my experience"

David Stanton, Director, Silverbug Ltd

"Neil is a very experienced digital media expert, passionate and very honest individual. He is a great guy, very visionary, and yet execution oriented and I and have no hesitation in recommending him as a complete professional"

Boban Tanovic, Managing Director, etonDIGITAL Ltd

“Neil is true marketeer and excellent understanding of the IT/Telecoms industry. I have seen over the years the result of his creative work either as business colleague or when he worked for me as a interim marketing manager for my business. I highly recommend Neil if you want somebody that think out of the box and brings you results”

Juan Manrique, CEO Ltd 

“Neil was a dream to work with when we partnered with his team at Motorola. He is a visionary in every sense. My company was so impressed with his innate ability to create and sell solutions on the bleeding edge. Smart, resourceful, reliable, gets it done. Would work with him in again in a heartbeat”

Bethany Warburton, Director of Marketing, e-tel 

“Neil is probably one of the most motivated, driven people I have ever met. Maintains high levels of energy and is a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him”

Christopher Withey, Recruitment Consultant, Harvey Nash.

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Here's my profile:

My profile

My profile

My life in six words:

Having fun, for the most part

(inspired by Hemmingway's six word story).

I like frosty mornings, dinner parties (good food, good conversation, good company), creative people (always inspirational), positive people, film editing, fascinated by animation.

I like Apple Mac, unexpectedly meeting old friends, design, being on my own, being in company, being with my girlfriend, being with my boys, meeting new people, music, Ronnie Scott's, innovation, art, freedom, shopping, earth tones, autumn shades, vanilla, nougat, strong fresh coffee, French patisserie, baking bread (not bread machine).

I'm an ENFP (The Inspirer) /ENFJ (The Giver) if you know what that means. I love life, see it as a special gift, and strive to make the most of it, and to help those around me to do the same.

I don't like, in no particular order: tomatoes, gooseberries, rhubarb, night clubs, opera, boybands, rap music, rudeness, alcohol, smoking, traffic jams, jobsworths, airline food and airlines, hypocrisy, deceit, bureaucracy.

Twitter: @neilfairbrother Linkedin: neilfairbrother