In this safeguarding podcast, Lucy Betts Associate Professor of Psychology of Nottingham Trent University, takes us through her "three-factor" scale of cyberbullying and cyber-victimisation, how a school's well run anti-bullying policy can actually hide cyberbullying, and how someone can be a victim of cyberbullying without even knowing it.

We are all journalists now…Dr Holly Powell-Jones takes us through the interpretive nature of UK law as it pertains to children online, the social and cultural norms that impact law, and whether social media terms and conditions actually apply to under 18’s. All this and more in this edition of SafeToNet Foundation’s Safeguarding podcast.

In this podcast recorded at the House of Lords we talk about digital gangsters, age verification, legislation & regulation and of course the impact of Brexit on safeguarding of children in the digital context.

In this edition of the SafeToNet Foundation's Safeguarding podcast, we interview award-winning author and researcher Adrienne Katz about her recent report focussing on the issues of Vulnerable Children in a Digital World.

We also revisit her 2012 book on Cyberbullying and e-Safety, as well as discussing how well prepared schools are to handle this 21st century problem.

In this edition of the SafeToNet Foundation Safeguarding Podcast, we interview Susie Hargreaves, CEO of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) about the work they do in tracking down, cataloging and deleting online child pornography. It's not an explicit episode but it's nonetheless a tough topic.