I used to love being a European

I used to love being a European.

In fact, I identified more with being European than being British, and especially more so than being English.

How special was it to be able to get on a train in London and get off it in Paris?

Yes of course we can still do that, and in that sense nothing's changed. But everything's changed.

Now we go as visitors, we don't belong.

I can't walk the streets of Paris or Munich or Rome or Greece or Poland and think - "Wow - this is part of me and I am part of it".

The EU stretched over a vast distance and included an incredible diversity of cultures and races, traditions and cuisines.

We voted against the humble boulangerie baking hand made baguettes and silky smooth air-light buttery croissants, and the high art of the pattiserie with the Religeuse au Café and Tarte Tropezienne, and voted for what? Mass produced shitty pap that doesn't deserve to be called bread, and a fucking jam donut from Greggs.

Yes we have Stinking Bishop, Stilton and Golden Cross goats cheese - but these are the exception and not the rule. How many "cheese shops" do you know of? Do you have one in your village - your town even? We voted against the fromagerie with a countless variety of seasonal regional cheeses and voted for plastic wrapped tasteless cheddar from the supermarket.

Every little helps.

We've voted against the nobel art of Beethoven, Handel, Picasso, the science and philosophies of some of the greatest thinkers and achievers ever.

We voted instead for Slade and Farage.

I used to be part of Europe - it used to be part of me.

I used to love being a European.